We help you get the support you need to live an optimum quality of life.
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With our Supports Coordination service, we identify, advocate, develop, access, and coordinate supports on your behalf so that you can gain access to needed programs and State plan services. When you put your trust in us, our highly skilled and licensed professionals will work with you and your family in providing the needed services and support that will help you fully integrate into the community. Consequently, we also bring to your attention the various provider agencies who can better provide those services and where or how you can gain access to those services. This will help you can make an informed decision.

Our person-centered approach in giving you the support you need aims to:

  • Help individuals build on their own strengths, capacities, and talents.
  • Identify what brings joy to individuals and their families, and strategize ways to incorporate these into their lives.
  • Observe and listen to their needs.
  • Help individuals learn and practice how to stay healthy and safe.
  • Educate people on the risks and making choices that are meaningful to them.
  • Teach them to remain optimistic during difficulties.
  • Help people develop values and personally meaningful social roles.

We assist you in gaining access to the following programs:

  • Community Housing
  • Residential Care Program
  • Group Homes
  • Supervised Apartments
  • Supportive Housing

To know more about our supports coordination service, kindly contact us or meet with us by scheduling an appointment.