We are dedicated to providing more opportunities for those with special needs.
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We at PERSON FIRST NEW JERSEY LLC are an authorized and registered organization that specializes in providing support and care for individuals with mental, developmental, and physical disabilities. Through our programs, we are committed to empowering these individuals by improving their quality of life and alleviating their barriers to independence.

Our team at PERSON FIRST NEW JERSEY LLC strives to support the State’s efforts in de-institutionalization, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to opportunities that are required to support full integration into society.


Our mission is to provide an individualized, continuum of person-centered services to individuals with mental health challenges, developmental disabilities, and other challenging social, physical, and emotional needs, regardless of race, age, sex, color, nationality, ethnicity, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender orientation, marital status, pregnancy, veteran status or political affiliation.