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PERSON FIRST NEW JERSEY LLC believes that having the most information possible equates to knowledge. And knowledge is true freedom. When families, guardians, and friends of loved ones have expert and reliable knowledge and information about services that are available for individuals with disabilities and mental illnesses, and how to access those services, they are better placed to make informed decisions about:

  • How to advocate for their loved ones
  • How to engage service providers
  • Alternative courses of action
  • How to overcome barriers and obtain help and assistance for their loved ones.
  • The facts, implications and long-term consequences of a course of action
  • What questions they might have and how to seek answers to those questions
  • Plan and follow-up support.
  • Sifting through the maze of laws, rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and different compliance requirements of various Federal, State, and Local authorities can in itself be a very daunting and anxiety-causing experience.

A one-stop shop:

PERSON FIRST NEW JERSEY LLC intends to alleviate that experience by researching and disseminating up-to-date, expert, and reliable information to assist all the stakeholders.

We invite you to visit often as the materials on this page will constantly be renewed and updated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any subject or topic related to disabilities, dual diagnosis, and mental illness you are passionate about.